Boot Hill

Legend of the Lost Gold of the Confederacy

A Wagon Train Full of Gold!

Confederate Gold

“On the night of May 24, 1865, two wagon trains filled with gold, one containing the last of the Confederate treasury and the other money from Virginia banks, were robbed at Chennault Crossroads in Lincoln County.”

Last night a dying man stumbled into your camp, a lynch mob of vigilantes on his heels, he handed you a satchel before fleeing. Shots erupted moments later and a blood curdling cry was heard. You and your men quickly mounted up and headed swiftly into town before they could come for you. Who was he? Why were they after him?

A dead man’s cryptic treasure map may lead to a fortune in Confederate gold — or to quick death. Can you elude Indians, claim jumpers, bandits, and vigilantes and find the Lost Gold of Confederacy?


Dra8er Dra8er

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