• Brandy


    Brandy is a young city man from the east, determined to find fame and fortune in the west...
  • Buckaroo "Boots" McCreedy

    Buckaroo "Boots" McCreedy

    Boots is a quiet man, as he prefers to talk with his fists...
  • Calico Jack

    Calico Jack

    Calico used to be a soldier, but was a bit to ruff & tumble for the military, now hes a gun for hire...
  • Jacob "Maverick "Conroy

    Jacob "Maverick "Conroy

    Ol Jacob grew up in the saloon, his mother a whore & father a gunfighter. He's just making his way through life!
  • Jim "Poker" Dawson

    Jim "Poker" Dawson

    A con man from New Orleans, Poker has come west to fullfill his wanderlust (or maybe escape his past?)
  • Satchel Hayseed

    Satchel Hayseed

    Running away from his parents farm, Satchel is the youngest in the group, so he tries harder to prove his worth.