Boot Hill

Outlaw Gold

Following the map is only half the battle...

Our first game kicks off with an introduction to the setting, character creation, and the travelers arrival in the dusty frontier town of Promise.

Outlaw goldHurriedly arriving at sunrise our group gathers at the Gold Dust Saloon for a spot of coffee (with a hit of whiskey) and go over the previous nights events. Convinced that the men will discover they acquired the map, they devise a plan to set off in search of this treasure.

They split up and head off into town to gather supplies and try to gather some information.

Jacob & Calico headed off to the local gambling den to see if they could drum up some info on last nights events. Where they quickly manage to stir up the ire of a high roller whom has some connection to the events of last night, after a quick tumble with his thugs they flee into the streets searching for the others.

Brandy, Jacob, & Satchel head off to the mercantile for supplies. They procure a wagon & much needed gear. They meet with Jacob & Calico and decide to find Poker and leave quickly.

While old Poker does some snooping of his own around the Sheriff’s office. Poker learns the the Sheriff too is on the take, and is partnered with some claim jumpers whom are trying to find the lost gold. He sneaks unseen from the office and finally meets up with the others.

Hastily our group leaves town midday in search of the lost confederate gold. By sundown they’ve made it almost halfway to there destination.

Setting up camp, the men sleep lightly this night, which is good because shortly after midnight a small group of Indians raid their camp. After a short skirmish our boys managed to kill three of them and run the other four off, Poker however suffered a pretty deep knife wound and requires some attention.

The next day they break camp, Poker is stable but still hurting, they slowly and cautiously make their way to the old ruined army fort. Little is left as time has almost totally erased any signs of the forts existences, only a few low overgrown stone walls exist marking its existence.

After about an hour of searching they stumble upon a covered staircase leading downwards into a nearby hill, but our group has not been alone. The Sheriff’s “Claim Jumpers” have been patiently waiting and watching. And with this new discovery spring into action.

Near ten men by the looks of it have the riders pinned down, but not for long. Guns blazing the riders fight back. With only a handful of bullets left, 9 men lye dead at their feet, with another bound & captured. After a brief interrogation the riders send Clemont Williams, local thug for hire, back to his boss to tell him the Whiskey Creek Riders have laid claim to this treasure.

Our group decided to venture forth down into the catacombs;

Stay Tuned as our group of rough riders tackle the mines of the old confederacy next session…


Dra8er Dra8er

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